PROTECTA – Skin protection cream

It helps to protect the sensitive skin of intimate areas and reduces already existing skin irritation.
100 ml

The package contains:
/ 100 ml cream in plastic tube
/ Manual


Protecting the Baby's skin

Skin protection cream

It effectively calms the skin

It helps to protect the sensitive skin of intimate areas and reduces already existing skin irritation

There can be many causes for skin irritation, from diaper use to mosquito bite to bruising. The task is always the same: to protect the inflamed skin from further irritation and to promote the natural regeneration of the skin. Protecta performs this dual function excellently:

  • Protects damaged skin from external moisture, but also from dehydration.
  • It absorbs and drains the excess moisture that may occur, helping to restore the natural hydration levels of the skin.


  • Due to its active anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, it has been shown to reduce the rate of bruising within a few days
  • It effectively calms the skin exposed to irritation
  • The cooling properties of menthol relieve pain and reduce itching
  • Its unique ingredients neutralize unpleasant smells
  • Skin soothing effect in case of irritation from bruises, cuts, stings etc.


A PROTECTA is a dense, but easily spreadable, pale pink color cream. It has a distinctive smell from its active ingredients.
It has a high zinc oxide content but it goes beyond the conventional zinc oxide based ointments. It has a very effective skin refreshing, irritating and wound healing effect. It forms a protective layer on the skin, it is water-repellent, but it also allows the skin to be ventilated.
It has an antiseptic effect, protects the skin against infections. Its antiseptic and antifungal effects are guaranteed by natural thyme extracts and other effective ingredients. The calamine drug (zinc oxide – iron oxide blend) is a WHO and FDA recommended mixture for stinging and allergic reactions. It contains wool wax (lanolin), which keeps the skin soft.
It does not contain added fragrance and is paraben-free.


Zinc oxide, zinc sulphate, menthol, iron oxide, chlorotimol, thymol, phenol, sodium bicarbonate, white wax, lanolin, cetyl stearyl alcohol, lanalcol, white vaseline

Instructions for use

Clean the area exposed to irritation and apply the protective cream evenly in a thin layer. Use several times a day if needed.
Do not use on an exposed wound. Please make sure the cream does not get into orefices.
PROTECTA 100% statisfy guarantee

PROTECTA skin care cream is a medical device.

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