PROTECTA – Anti-inflammatory skin cream

Protection for inflamed skin

Bedsores, stoma dermatitis and persistently inflamed skin caused by incontinence are all side effects that make a patient’s condition worse. The more severe cases of contact dermatitis must be treated effectively to avoid a further decline in the quality of life.

The task is the same in all cases: to protect inflamed skin from further irritation and to promote the natural regeneration of the skin. PROTECTA performs this dual function excellently by:

  1. Protecting damaged skin from external moisture, but also from dehydration.
  2. Drawing away any excess moisture in order to restore the skin’s natural hydration level.


PROTECTA is a dense, yet easily spreadable cream with a light pink color that goes beyond traditional zinc oxide protective creams. Its characteristic scent is derived from its active ingredients. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect while protecting the skin from further infections. The applied cream forms a protective, water-repellent layer on the skin but still allows ventilation.

Natural thyme extract and other effective ingredients provide antiseptic and antifungal characteristics. Its active ingredient – calamine (a zinc oxide – iron oxide mixture) – is recommended by the WHO and FDA for bites and allergic reactions. It also contains lanolin providing a softening effect for the skin. PROTECTA does not contain parabens or added fragrances.


Due to its active anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, it has been shown to reduce the inflammation of the skin within a few days

Effectively calms the skin surface exposed to irritation

The cooling properties of menthol relieve pain and reduce itching

Its unique ingredients neutralize unpleasant smells

Soothing effect for abrasions, skin lesions, stinging rashes (insect and plant)