The diligence and precision of FEMPHARMA’s employees ensure that our products are delivered to consumers in appropriate quality and excellent food safety conditions. With the prioritization of consumer needs, we provide products that meet high quality and food safety requirements through the application of good manufacturing and hygiene practices.

Our company considers it a fundamental requirement that the products it brings to market comply with applicable food safety regulations and legal requirements for food and dietary supplement products. It is important to meet the needs of consumers and the current requirements for finished products.

To achieve this, we operate an effective ISO 22000 food safety system within the framework of our quality management system. We are committed to continually improving our processes through the review of set goals and system effectiveness. Our company’s personnel at all levels are committed to developing our management system.

We maintain effective communication with our external and internal stakeholders to achieve our food safety and quality goals. We maintain our reliability by proactively providing appropriate information to our consumers and clients.

We expect all employees to take responsibility and demonstrate the principles of the food safety policy and system requirements at every level. We are committed to developing employee competencies and providing training for all employees. Through continuous training, we ensure that our employees actively participate in the company’s policy and comply with internal regulations during the production process. We ensure that they recognize the importance of their role in implementing and operating the system.

Our company strives to develop its activities in accordance with “good practices” at all times. To achieve this, we apply strict quality control measures with our suppliers and during the manufacturing process, and continuously supervise the quality and safety of our products.

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