Fempharma is dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing medical devices and food supplements that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and comply with regulatory requirements. Our commitment extends to ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and compliance of our products with all applicable legislation and standards to achieve customer satisfaction.

We achieve this through the implementation of a robust Quality Management System and adherence to good manufacturing and hygiene practices, which are established in alignment with regulatory requirements, EU legislation, guidance, and best practices.

Fempharma is committed to maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by:

  • Establishing quality objectives that prioritize operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Cultivating a dedicated and engaged workforce through comprehensive training and provision of adequate resources.
  • Regularly assessing and enhancing our Quality Management System to adapt to changing needs and requirements.
  • Furthermore, we are committed to proactive risk management practices and fostering open communication both within our organization and with our stakeholders.

At Fempharma, we uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct, sustainability, and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our operations.

Dr Peter Bartal, CEO
February 1st, 2023

Download our latest ISO 13485 certificate.