The goal of Fempharma Ltd. is to provide quality solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, requirements, and achieve customer satisfaction through the application of an effective system that complies with the requirements of the current ISO 13485 standard.

The commitment of the management to meet the requirements and maintain the effective operation of the quality management system ensures the achievement of the above goal. To achieve these expectations, we are committed to continuously improving our quality management system based on risk assessments, effectiveness, and efficiency, in compliance with the requirements of the current ISO 13485 standard, internal and customer requirements, and regulatory requirements.

The management declares that all employees involved will be informed, follow, and comply with the contents of the Quality Management Manual, Quality Policy, its objectives, and make the Quality Policy available to external stakeholders.

The introduced management review process supports the management’s commitment to reviewing regular quality objectives, indicators, and continuous compliance with good business practices.

We regularly train all our employees to understand the elements of the quality management system. We monitor delivery accuracy, customer feedback, and the development of product quality that meets internal needs.

Acceptance of business goals that include challenges and the standardization of basic processes allows our team to proactively identify, understand, and quickly respond to quality and operational tasks.

Fempharma Ltd. incorporates the principle of quality into its business strategy, investing it in people, processes, and technologies, which ensures quality products and services.

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